We are a pioneering biological dental clinic in Spain, applying the Swiss Biohealth concept. We offer ceramic dental implants and alternative medicine treatments.

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METAL-FREE DENTISTRY. We offer high-quality ceramic dental implants to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your smile. They are placed in most cases immediately, reducing the risk of bone loss and the number of sessions required.


Our integrative and functional medicine treatments will help you maintain physical and emotional balance. They prepare you for the intervention by optimizing the immune system and bone metabolism, ensuring maximum healing capacity.


The lesions commonly known as "Cavitations" are defined as Fatty Degenerative Osteonecrosis of the Maxillary or Mandibular Bone, hence the acronym FDOJ.

Safe Removal of Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgams, traditionally used (and still present in some places) to treat dental caries, are known to contain over 50% mercury, a highly toxic metal. This compound can migrate through the digestive tract and deposit in various tissues and organs of the body, including bones and the brain, with a half-life of up to 18 years.

The removal of these amalgams can offer a series of significant benefits:

- Relief of Chronic Symptoms: Removal of amalgam fillings can lead to improvement or disappearance of associated chronic symptoms such as headaches, migraines, depression, rheumatic disorders, as well as visual disturbances and other discomforts.

- Reduction of Stress in the Body: By eliminating a potential source of mercury exposure, stress on the nervous system and other body systems is reduced, promoting a general state of well-being.

- Long-Term Strengthening of the Immune System: Amalgam removal can contribute to long-term relief of the immune system, allowing the body to function more optimally.

una foto de muelas con empastes de amalgama de plata
una foto de muelas con empastes de amalgama de plata
una foto del aspirador directamente sobre un diente con amalgama de plata
una foto del aspirador directamente sobre un diente con amalgama de plata

To ensure a safe and effective removal procedure, at BDS we employ a carefully designed approach that includes:

- Rubber Dam Protection: The tooth or region to be treated is isolated, thus protecting the patient from inhaling fragments, dust, or mercury vapors during the procedure. It's important that the rubber dam be made of thick nitrile and not latex.

- Use of Low-Speed Carbide Burs: This method helps prevent the release of mercury vapor during the removal of amalgams.

- Application of Ozonotherapy in the cavity to ensure asepsis.

- Application of Chlorella Paste: This microalgae is used to bind any residual mercury in the tooth, ensuring thorough and effective cleansing.

- Direct Suction and Nose Protective Mask: Direct suction and a protective mask are used to intercept any potential mercury vapor, providing additional protection to the patient.

- Use of Air Purifiers: During the treatment, an air purifier is used to improve air quality in the room, ensuring that mercury vapors are effectively removed and maintaining a safe environment for both the patient and staff.