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Your Biological Dental Clinic

Pioneers in applying the Swiss Biohealth concept

Equipo de BDS bienvenida
Equipo de BDS bienvenida

Thanks for being here!

Welcome to Biohealth Dental Spain, your destination for advanced dentistry with a biological focus!

At Biohealth Dental Spain, we take pride in being pioneers in Spain in the application of the innovative Swiss Biohealth® concept in dental rehabilitation. Originating from Switzerland, this revolutionary approach not only works on smiles but also strengthens the patient's immune system through personalized protocols, offering truly comprehensive dental care.

Our primary mission at Biohealth Dental Spain goes beyond simply treating dental problems. We are passionately dedicated to eliminating any factors that may pose a risk to oral health and, by extension, the overall health of our patients. We firmly believe that a healthy mouth is the foundation of a healthy body and strive to provide the highest level of health-centered care and wellness for our patients.

In our clinic, you will find a team of highly trained professionals committed to excellence in biological dentistry. We are here to offer you advanced and personalized dental solutions that not only enhance your smile but also promote your overall health.

Come and discover how Biohealth Dental Spain can transform your smile and health from the inside out! We look forward to helping you achieve your oral health goals and seeing you smile with confidence.

What makes us different

implantes cerámicos clean implant
implantes cerámicos clean implant
una bolsa de suero en infusión intravenosa
una bolsa de suero en infusión intravenosa
No Metals
Integrative Medicine
análisis de imágenes radiográficas dentales en tres dimensiones
análisis de imágenes radiográficas dentales en tres dimensiones
Expert and pioneering team

Ceramic dental implants are the perfect solution for replacing missing teeth.

We offer functional and integrative medicine services for our patients.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to the well-being of our patients.

What our patients say

"It's not like entering a regular dental clinic; you feel at home. From the moment you walk in at reception to when you're in the chair."

"I recommend BDS to anyone looking for a trustworthy dental clinic where you feel that things are done with seriousness."

"The treatment received from the BDS team was exceptional. Very professional!"

At BDS, we are dedicated to providing quality dental treatments using biological and natural approaches.


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