Dr. Mario Parra awarded as "SDS Ambassador" for his contribution to Biological Dentistry.


3/31/20241 min read

A prominent recognition for our founder.

On November 21, 2023, our founder, Dr. Mario Parra, was honored with the prestigious title of "SDS Ambassador." This recognition places Dr. Parra at the highest level and accredits him to train other colleagues in the revolutionary Swiss Biohealth concept.

Dr. Ulrich Volz, a pioneer in biological dentistry.

The award was presented to Dr. Parra by Dr. Ulrich Volz, renowned as the pioneer in biological dentistry and the creator of the Swiss Biohealth concept. Dr. Volz is widely recognized in the field of dentistry for his extensive experience with ceramic implants worldwide.

Dr. Volz has dedicated his career to researching and developing innovative techniques in dentistry, focusing on the health and well-being of patients. His integrative approach and commitment to biological dentistry have revolutionized the way dentistry is practiced worldwide.

An honor for Dr. Parra.

The recognition as an "SDS Ambassador" is a significant achievement for Dr. Parra and an evidence of his dedication and excellence in the field of dentistry. This title not only acknowledges his exceptional clinical skills but also his ability to impart his knowledge and experience to other professionals.

Dr. Parra has been a leader in implementing the Swiss Biohealth concept in our clinic, providing our patients with the highest standards of dental care. His commitment to continuous improvement and his passion for dentistry have been instrumental in the success of our practice.

The title of "SDS Ambassador" is a milestone in Dr. Parra's career, and we are confident that he will continue to be a positive influence in the dental community and a reference in the implementation of the Swiss Biohealth concept.